mercoledì 23 giugno 2010



CT 3D surface reconstructions show near-complete fusion of the metopic suture with trigonocephaly and "beaking" of the frontal bone along the midline. The sagittal, lambdoid, and coronal sutures are normal.

Diagnosis: Trigonocephaly

Craniosynostoses are calvarial dysmorphsims that result from premature closure of one or more sutures. Trigonocephaly, which involves the metopic suture, comprises less than 10% of all forms of craniosynostoses. It manifests prominent frontal keel, narrow forehead, and hypotelorism, which produces the appearance of a triangular skull. 3D CT reconstructions of the skull are well-suited for imaging the cranial sutures and osseous deformities. Trigonocephaly usually only poses an aesthetic concern and is amenable to reconstructive surgery. This craniosynostosis is infrequently associated with intracranial pathology or genetic disease such as Opitz "C" syndrome.

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