giovedì 14 febbraio 2008

Baastrup’s disease


Pseudo-articulation and close approximation of multiple hypertrophic lumbar spinous processes. Associated sclerosis and degenerative spurring. Vertebral compression deformities and vaccuum disks with prior L1 and L4 vertebroplasty.

Diagnosis: Baastrup’s disease

Key points

Baastrup's sign, aka "Kissing Spine", and many other synonyms including: Arthrosis interspinosa, diarthrosis interspinosa, kissing osteophytes, kissing spinous disease, osteoarthrosis processus spinosi vertebrarum lumbalum, osteoarthrosis interspinalis.
Hypertrophy of spinous processes of adjacent vertebral bodies in close approximation or actual contact; i.e., arthritic joints between the spinous processes.
Joints undergo reactive sclerosis/degenerative change, including formation of degenerative cysts as seen in this case.
Etiology uncertain, may be related to excessive lordosis with degeneration of intervening ligaments.
Can cause low back pain; originally described as "pain in the back when standing erect which is relieved by bending forward".
Can be associated with interspinous bursal fluid, which can extend into posterocentral epidural space and cause posterior compression of the thecal sac.
Named for Danish radiologist Christian Baastrup (1885-1950).

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